Curling Up in a Cozy Bed

With Turkey Day just a couple of days away, I am already thinking about curling up with the covers over my head after a day of gorging on potatoes and pumpkin pie.

If you ask me, a comfortable bed is the best way to fight a Thanksgiving Day hangover. And I certainly wouldn’t mind sleeping in one of these beds in the next few days.

above image: unknown source

Unknown Source

Yellow Headboard

A Bed full of Pillows

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i love beds!

laura Evans

ohhh i can completely relate. curling up in bed with my hubbie is one of my favorite thing to do everrr!!! which reminds me i need to take pictures of my room you might like it for a part II of curling up 🙂

Mayi Carles @ Heartmade

Ohh, I’m in love with the first one!

{P.s. It’s weird seeing a twitter button as your thumbnail for every post in my reader}

Bethany Susan

oooh…that yellow headboard is luscious!


Haha. I finally managed to get out of my cozy bed (been reading all day), and now I want to hop back in!

Lindsay Jewell

Hi! the bed in the third photo is simply stunning! and the gorgeous colors are adding a soft touch that is right in a bedroom… I am not “Thanksgiving” and won’t stuff myself this coming Thursday, but I am in nonetheless for a day in this bed 🙂

Marie @ etincellestudio

just found your blog and wanted to say hello 🙂 i really like your list of tutorials and well, your blog in general! it has such a cozy comfy vibe! love it.


oh my god… you are kidding me, these are beyond fabulous…. in love with the first one!!!! 🙂 i will share this on facebook!! 😉 hugs, twiggs


Mmm that sounds nice! I love the first photo.


Woah, the gallery wall in the second picture! I’m so envious! I miss art on my walls. My apartment is one of those Riverside beauties with impenetrable plaster walls- the bedroom walls have broken many nails! 🙂

Thanks for the cozy bedroom inspiration.



The top image is from a D*S sneak peak they did last year. Here’s the link:

Love this post!

Natalee Lopez
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