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These new pieces that Lindsay Farrer just added to her shop, Simon and Ruby, are making me drool. I swear she is adding new stuff every other week?! I don’t know know how she finds the time .

Many of the statement necklaces and earrings you’ll find at Simon and Ruby include natural stones and unique designs. And I love so many, its hard to pick a favorite. So I narrowed it down to a top five list…

1. Lina Necklace $56

2. Silvana Necklace $74

3. Callista Bracelet $40

4. Isa Necklace $62

5. Giada Earrings $34

Have your own favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

And visit Simon and Ruby now to receive free shipping in the US and Canada.

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I really like the Callista bracelet. I’m going to go check out more pieces.


These are delightful pieces!


Love the first couple of necklaces! The layering look is so pretty. Thanks for the post!

Danielle Hardy

Isn’t it great??!! Our stylist, Balee Greer, has mad skills. We were really lucky to work with her for the shoot.


I am drooling over that floral top in the first picture.

Seriously Sassy Mama

Hey Lindsay! Yes- I love that one too. I should have done a top ten instead (and that necklace definitely would have made its way in there).


So glad you like them!! I get to pick a favorite, too, right? I keep finding myself drawn to the Isidora – I’m loving the faceted pyrite.
Thank you for the wonderful shout out – I love you guys!!

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