The 8 Ways I’m Falling for Summer Right Now

By Brittni • Updated on 07/07/2021

Swimming with Sunglasses

If you haven’t noticed from my recent posts, I’m kind of falling for summer right now. Like, HARD.

I think it’s because everyone sort of takes it easy (to some degree anyway) during the summer months. People go on vacation. Everyone seems a little happier. And everything just seems more relaxed and kind of chill. Don’t you think?

With as hectic as things can get during the rest of the year, this feels like the time to just kind of soak it in. Create some memories and maybe even have a pool party. Because honestly, it doesn’t matter how many projects I have on my to-do list, the pool will forever be calling my name during this season. And I’m completely okay with that. Hope you are too. Here are 8 reasons I’m currently falling for summer…

1. (above) this surreal photo from Andrew Jason Leung

Summer Cocktails - Mango Limeade

2. summertime cocktail recipes from Designlovefest

A Trolley Car in Portugal

3. this beautiful trolley car in Portugal from photographer, Joao Almeida – the tiles remind me of a spanish style pool

Summer Party Girl with a Lilac Hat

4. this summer party girl, looking all cute in her party hat, on Glitter Guide

Swimming in the Pool with a Watermelon Drink

5. fresh fruit mimosas in the pool on Treasures and Travels

Hanging out in St Thomas

6. palms + that salmon-colored wall from my trip to St Thomas

Outdoor Dinners with Amazing Tableware

7. outdoor dinner parties and pretty much everything from Gorman, especially the hometime collection (via Oh Happy Day)

Floating Fresh Flower DIY for Summer

8. a floating flower wreath, which may look familiar because it’s one of my DIYs

What do you like most about this season? Any memories that you always look back on around this time of year? Or fun traditions?

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Great finds!!

aida mollenkamp

Summer has the best colors! This is a great selection of images to summarize the season.

Bernardo Margulis—This Makes Me Happy

What a lovely post, very summery!


Love the photos, the tone and summer is amazing <3

Chantilly Voeux


Glad you like them Jamie.


What a great selection of photos!!

Jamie G

Oh nice, Lena. Hope you’re enjoying your summer downtime with family.


I’m visiting my family right now and I absolutely love it! Those pictures are beautiful x

L&L from sisterblend


I know, right? I’m thinking about turning one or two of those recipes into popsicles for the weekend.


Those cocktail recipes! Yes, please!

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