D.S. Brennan Photography Giveaway


This morning we have another wonderful giveaway to kick off! Todays giveaway is from Diana of D.S. Brennan Photography who has generously provided a very special prize for one lucky winner: three 5″x5″ prints of the reader’s choice (any 3 square prints from Diana’s Etsy shop). This is a fantastic prize valued at $45.


How do you enter the giveaway?

There are two ways to play and you may enter up to two times. First, visit the D.S. Brennan Photography shop and browse around for your favorites, then come back here and tell us which three prints you would like to win. Second, twitter or blog about this giveaway or D.S. Brennan’s shop  and leave a link in the comments here.


The giveaway will end on October 6th at 11:59 pm eastern time.

D.S. Brennan’s shop and website.

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Wow, the photography is amazing!
My 3 choices are
Narragansett Pier
Black Point

Thank you!


loved window shopping for these!
my top 3:
Dancing Glade
Waterfall abstract


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1-Romance-I absolutely love this one

2-Lilies of the Valley


Julie L

I tweeted:

Anne G

This is a generous giveaway! I’d pick

Gnarled, Waterfall Abstract and Still Pond

Anne G

I love:

1. A September Afternoon (because it’s peaceful)

2. The Yellow Tulip (because it’s simple, yet striking)

3. Lavender (because it’s my favorite, and it’s calming)



gorgeous prints,)
I found my favourite to be a Spent Tulip. Because that red colour (symbol of passion) so well contrasts to that white colour background (inocence). And also it seems like that tulip is like a woman which is untouchable and hurt. Something both dramatic outside and inocence inside – feelings that arose.
I also liked Pull of the Tide – very calm and relaxing and totally look-to-the-nature print (the one would be perfect in my room)


Oh wow – what a tough question. I am new to her work… and fallen in love without a hesitation. Three that I especially like are:
Single Cloud
Wise Owl
Drop of Sunshine

Thanks so much ladies.

Katie @ Making This Home

tweeted: http://twitter.com/jsoldham/status/4386418573


So many beautiful pieces! My favorites are Wee Ones, Cow Parsley, and Pull of the Tide


Stunning photography! So hard to choose just 3.
I’d go with:
Wise Owl
Swamp Sparrow

piroska at tbaytel dot net

Piroska Blanchette

I twittered about this giveaway

Tammy Willard

I love the Lavendar and Romance pictures, and most especially the Beach Cartwheels, what an awesome picture. Plus, I have been on vacation to Naragansett so the fact that I have been there makes it even cooler! Great photos! Thanks for the chance to win!

Tammy Willard

My favorites are “The Nest”, “Egg Dispay Box” and “Albino Blue Jay”.

Kathy K

My favorites are Red Toadstool, Preserved Wetland &
The Nest. Thank you !


Again, many thanks!


Wow! How spectacular her pictures are. I found myself
just looking and looking at all of the various series!
I choose the following three:
Narragansett Pier
I have just the spot to hang them!
Please count me in.
Many thanks…..Cindi


My picks are : Single cloud
Still pond
She as a beautiful shop.

Lori Dean Dyment

i love diana’s work!
my faves are perfect pear, preserved wetland, and the mermaid


So many lovely choices!

I’m digging Red Toadstool, Breathing, and Watching the Waves. (I tried to pick three seascapes for a triptych, but I just couldn’t resist the fairy magic of that toadstool!)

Jenna/The Word Cellar

I LOVE the skinny sea star, the Molush and the sea star!! Lovely shop!!


I love all her prints, but I do love mostly:
The Albino bluejay
Specimen 652
Still pond

But it was hard to choose.


I liked :
Lilies of the Valley
Black Point.

Beautiful work@


I tweeted! http://twitter.com/BCharmer

Colleen MacDonald

I am fascinated by D.S. Brennan’s specimen series, and I especially loved the orchid specimen and the golden bird entitled “Specimen 652”

My fingers are tightly crossed, but not so tightly that I can’t go and tweet about this fabulous giveaway!

Colleen MacDonald

LOVE bluebird, bird in the bell jar, and bluejay (is it obvious i’m all about the birds?!)… thanks for being so generous with this giveaway, ms. brennan!

rose gonzalez

I also like
1. Waterfall Abstract
2. Single Cloud
3. Gnarled



My three favorites are:
1. Albino Blue Jay
2. Specimen 652
3. Swamp Sparrow



My favorites are Chickadee Eggs, Waiting for the Ferry and Albino Blue Jay


Well she has a great collection of pictures. It’s quite hard to choose a favorite…

1. Egg Display Box;
2. Specimen 652;
3. July Butterflies

thank you so much for the opportunity



I blogged about it too! (I’ll link it to FB and twitter too 😉 Bijougirl Etc.
I hope you sell lots of pictures!

Amanda Conley

Oh, it’s SO hard to choose my favorites – there are so many. I LOVE the skull one, the wise owl and the 1908 eggs but if I could add a fourth it would be the penguin. Really interesting (in a good way) photography!

Amanda Conley

The Skinny Sea Star immediately caught my eye. What a great print. I also love the Blue Door and the Mollusk. Really they are all superb.

Stephenie T

I LOVE Diana’s work! My favorites have to be the images of the birds.

I tweeted! http://twitter.com/michaelmcdowell


i love the ocean series & my 3 faves would be..
1. beach cartwheels
2. sea star
3. seashine

tweeted here – http://twitter.com/postcardsfrom/statuses/4314488070


Wow, what a fabulous giveaway! As usual, it’s so hard to settle on just 3 of Diana’s lovely works, but such fun to find a trio that would work well together. I love the secretive details of a quiet wood – Red Toadstool, The Nest, and Wee Ones would be perfect side by side!


I tweeted http://twitter.com/dzhu19/status/4300683733


My favorite three are Chive Blossoms, Lilies of the Valley, and Albino Blue Jay.


oh, lovely. if i won, i’d probably pick:

watching the waves
black point

can you tell i need to go on vacation??? 🙂
thanks for the chance to win!

kristen k.

I love Diana’s work! And it’s extremely hard to pick just three of my favorites. I’m glad you didn’t ask us to pick just one, though!

My faves:

Single Cloud
Floral Reflections
Drop of Sunshine

Nicole M.

My favorites – I’m envisioning them side-by-side above our living room couch. The colors would be fantastic:
Stuffed Stilt

Such gorgeous photography! Thanks for the giveaway!


I really like the Red Toadstool, very fairy tale, but to pick three that go together… maybe I would go with the stark images like Single Cloud, Waiting for the Ferry and Nature Centre Nest or Pull of the Tide? Being new to TtV it was lovely to see ideas for subject matter


Love the giveaway, as always!
Here’s a link to my blog post:


Her “Curiosities” is very cool. Would love to have that! “Wee Ones,” mushrooms growing out of the log, that’s pretty sweet, too. Both of those would be killer in our tiny house!


Oh, oh, oh – LOVE the birds that are part of the Natural History project.


My absolute favorite is Bluebird 8X8

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