Daily Favorites

Thought I would try something new today and use direct products links for daily favorites, since I’ve had so many requests for it.

1. Ceramic Study Cushion Cover 2. Brass Beads Supply Stash 3. Blue Gem Cluster Hinge Bracelet 4. Bike Around the World Earrings 5. Michelle Card Set 6. Blue Patchwork Circle Hoop 7. Crochet Blue Watercolor Painting

If you like this new format better for DF’s, let me know in the comments. I am still deciding on this, so I need some feedback if you don’t mind.

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aww thanks for including my cards!


you’re welcome alicia. my pleasure.


I love this new format! I think it helps the sellers to gain more exposure, and makes shopping a lot more convenient for the buyers. 🙂


Thanks for the feedback Marion. I really appreciate your thoughts.


thank you so much for featuring my patchwork hoop today and my embroidery yesterday! I love your pics, I tweeted about the watercolor painting 🙂 I like the layout as well.

Danielle Spurge

^^Danielle Spurge is me, Merriweather Council. Forgot to change the info in the box. Thanks again

Danielle Spurge (merriweather council)

Hi Danielle! You’re welcome! And thank you for the feedback. 🙂


Yes! Yes yes yes! I love the links, ha! I have been away a lot recently, so I’ve been seeing your Daily Favourites days (or weeks!) later and when something catches my eye I can never find it again, haha. So, I love this!


Thanks so much for the feedback Holly. I think I am definitely going to keep this new format. 🙂

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