Daily Favorites

I am so busy this morning, I don’t have time to list the individual links for today’s daily favorites. But you can click here to visit papernstitch.com and then click on any product you’d like to know more about.

Wanna know why I am so busy? I’ll let you know later today.

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Oooh, so exciting… can’t wait!!!
Emma, x

emma lamb

🙂 Thanks Emma


I have maybe a silly question, how do you put together your nice photo collages, like the one in this post? Do you use photoshop or a web based application? Only if you have time! Love how the pictures work together withour cramping one another.


Hi Sara. That’s not a silly question at all. And thank you for the compliment. I actually just screenshot our daily favorites from http://www.papernstitch.com (Jeff and I formatted the images that way when he created the site). But you could probably create something very similar in photoshop.

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