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daily favorites from papernstitchHello! Hello! It feels good to officially be back. Hope everyone has had a lovely holiday. Over the break, I had some time to re-evaluate things. I’ll be trying out some different things on the blog over the next couple of weeks. I am hoping of course, these changes will be for the better. If you have any feedback for me I am all ears. Looking forward to hearing about what it is you would like to see from this blog.


For now, these are my picks for today. I especially like that handbeaded brooch. And I’ve also included a mini roundup from today’s shop of the day, Foundling.

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First off, I heart foundling!! Are those newer pieces? I don’t remember seeing such colorful pieces before. Love even
more now.

Second, welcome back and happy new year, Brittni!


Thanks Tara!


oooh! i’m a favorite! thanks so much.

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