Daily Favorites

papernstitch.com for more info about these productsI have been doing daily favorites on the site since the new exhibition went up and I am really liking them (if I do say so myself). If you are not familiar with it, I pick my favorites from the site each day and showcase them alongside the shop of the day at the top of the front page. I was thinking I might start posting them here as well…what do you think?

For more info on any of these products, click here.

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love it! i enjoy seeing the little glimpses of products + patterns, it’s fun to see what you’ve been picking each day 🙂

lesley [smidgebox designs]

i think it’s great! i don’t visit the shop everyday, but I do stop by the blog regularly, so it’s great to see a little of what is going on at the site.


i like to see what you’ve found, because i may have missed it

alexandra keller

i think it’s a great idea, i’ve been popping into the main page everyday to see your wee collections… and thenk you for including my wee pot holder in this one… 🙂

have a fab day,

emma lamb

i am so glad that you all like this idea! i will definitely keep doing it then. yeah! and emma, i absolutely adore you shop, so expect to see more of yourself in these in the coming weeks. 🙂

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