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My latest post for Scoutie Girl is up and there is something that I wanted to mention here that I didn’t mention in my post…


Over the weekend, I went to the library to grab a book I have been wanting to read, and an issue of Skirt Magazine caught my eye. It was a lovely illustration of a girl laying on her back in the woods. I looked to see who the artist was (Danna Ray) and then went about my business. When I arrived home, I went on Etsy to search through my favorites for something entirely unrelated, and I stumbled on the exact same artist: Danna Ray (this is the artist who’s work is above). Small world.


Read my guest post on Scoutie Girl for more about Danna Ray.

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these prints look good together. wonder if there is a discount for buying more than one?


I love when you have such cool coincidences like that! Feel free to post on SG – I would love to have a more personal interface with the readers!

daisy janie : scoutie girl

I know I already said it over on Scoutie, but I love that fox. It’s so calm and wonderful.

Brittany Noel

Danna’s work is so fresh and tactile… and it is executed in such a beautifully delicate, in touch manner. I am privileged to own her “intertwined” print above (no. 3) and it really must be seen in person to grasp all the wonderful nuances just as true with all her work I am sure.

Brittni, such a great choice for your feature! :~)

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