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vonlenska vintage

Shop of the Day: Up until recently, I almost always wore dresses, which I have probably mentioned here before. Not because I am particularly girly, but because they are so easy to wear. Combine that with my love for vintage and it equals a new obsession with Vonlenska Vintage. You really have to visit this shop!

Visit Vonlenska Vintage’s etsy shop (end of summer sale at VV: over 70 items on sale!).

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no brenda- its just means you have always had great taste. 🙂 so glad everyone likes this shop. i L O V E it!


My gosh – those boots were The Thing when I was in junior high! Calling 80s stuff vintage makes me feel so old!

Audrey Smith

I used to HAVE those boots, back in the 80’s! (sigh … does that mean I’m vintage, too?) Very cute!

Brenda (Phydeaux)

i love those boots!


OMG those shoes are so gorgeous and i reaaaally like them!

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