Design Philosophy: White Walls + Pops of Color

My design philosophy has always been a blank canvas (meaning white walls) is the best way to start. Ironically, its not something that I am currently implementing in my own home. BUT this house is the perfect example. Found via Emmas designblogg.

What’s your design philosophy?

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I like color on my walls but sometimes it can compete with other things and I don’t necessarily like the minimalist look and it’s tricky to get the right shade for the right lighting and wall.
Even though white is a little too easy for it to look boring, I also think white looks “cleaner”, especially if you have texture and other things of interest and color everywhere else.


living in arizona, everything is tan, brown, beige, sand – it’s driving me mad! so when we redo the master bath, it’s going to be black and WHITE with some gray.
well, not exactly, but this is the inspiration (3rd & 4th from the last of the photos)
actually, i just want the whole place

alexandra keller

I 100% agree with you Meaghan. And perhaps I should have specified, bright white! There are so many different shades of white paint out there, and I certainly lean towards the “happy”, brighter versions.


Every apartment I have ever lived in has had “white walls” which basically means the most boring, blah, OFF-white color imaginable. The kind of “white” that just looks dirty. I asked one super about this phenomenon and he said that truly white walls are too bright and intimidating to many people. Well I disagree! My next place, I don’t care what it costs as far as my security deposit goes, I’m re-painting everything BRIGHT WHITE and going to town.

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