DIY Artwork for the Studio (in Under an Hour) Inspired by My New Obsession

By Brittni • posted on 06/04/2024

Studio nook

You guys are probably going to think I’m a total nerd, but I am super obsessed with an iPhone game. I know it seems a little strange, especially considering I am nearly always in work mode, but this game has literally pulled me away from my work because it is so awesome.

And I have to tell you about it, so we can freak out over it together. Cool?

The game is called Two Dots. Amelia told me about it a couple of weeks ago and I am SO hooked now. On level 68, in case you’re curious.

My favorite iPhone game, Two Dots.

If you’re not familiar with the game already, Two Dots is a free (award-winning) puzzle game where you connect like-colored dots to earn points and move onto the next level. Download it on the App store. 

The interface is super easy to use and the illustrations that make up the different levels on the map are awesome.

So, we decided to make some Two Dots inspired DIY artwork for the studio. Which was actually perfect because I wanted to get a little seating nook in the entryway put together anyway, to hang out when I’m not on my computer.

DIY Artwork (in Under an Hour)

DIY Artwork Inspired by Two Dots

To make your own Two Dots inspired artwork, you’ll need…


– heavy paper or card stock
– acrylic paint
– paint brush
– pencil

How To:

1. Start with a line drawing of the trees and/or jungle leaves. We sketched out a couple of options for the jungle leaves  before using the ‘good’ paper  to determine placement, etc. So, I would recommend that as well. The trees were super easy, so no need to test those out ahead. Just FYI.

2. Once the pencil drawing is completed, it’s time to paint! Super easy! Just use a smallish brush and keep your hand steady for the lines on the trees. Other than that, I think it’s pretty self explanatory.

3. Frame ’em up and you’re good to go. I used frames from Ikea and removed the glass. Once the glass is removed, they’re super lightweight and can be hung with heavy duty command strips, if you don’t want to put any holes in the wall.

What do you think? Do you like how they turned out? I love the jungle painting especially, but the trees would totally work for the holidays.

DIY Artwork Inspired by Two Dots

DIY Artwork in Under an Hour

Two Dots Smiley Face Clutch

And just for fun, I thought I would include a few photos of me actually playing in my spiffy new nook.

I honestly didn’t realize Amelia was taking photos as first, so she caught some legit ‘game faces’. I was tempted to not include them in my post, but I figured it would be better to out myself…

DIY Artwork for the Studio (in Under an Hour) Inspired by My New Obsession

DIY Artwork for the Studio (in Under an Hour) Inspired by My New Obsession

DIY Artwork for the Studio (in Under an Hour) Inspired by My New Obsession

DIY Artwork in Under an Hour

DIY Artwork in Under an Hour

Craft production and photography by Amelia Tatnall 
Concept and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

Have you ever played Two Dots before? If so, please tell me you can identify with my addiction.

This post is in partnership with Two Dots. An awesome game app that I actually use (everyday). Thanks for supporting the brands that help keep Paper & Stitch running.

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Thanks Eden. 🙂 Completely agree that artwork can make a huge difference in a space.


These are amazing!! LOVE those colors! Artwork makes such a difference in a space!

Eden Passante

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Dearest PaperNStitch, look what you have done to me!! And thank you… I read this post this morning before heading out for my latte. Before I was even finished with my double shot of goodness, I was up to level 15 on Two Dots and had recruited 2 people to download it! It’s stinkin cute, aaaaand addicting! Xo

Lynae Marie

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Okay I’ve waited long enough…I have to play this game! My husband played it and I’ve seen several posts for it! Love the artwork! Simple and pretty! =)


So cute!! Love the space!!! That game takes up more of my time than I’d like to admit

Nicole Underwood Gonzalez

I love Two Dots. And I especially love the artwork and design. Because I’m a geek when it comes to this sort of thing, I found out who the artist is: Owen Davey. And here are links to his work on Two Dots on his site:


Yes!! I am obsessed with this game! I love that you turned it into wall art, because one of my favorite things about the game is how pretty the design of it is – the colors are so pretty. Good thinking! 🙂


Fellow Two Dots fanatic over here. I use it as a mental reset when I’m stuck on a project. Works like a charm.


ha! You’re adorable! I love this Britt!


These are so cute, definitely gonna check out the game! The trees look adorable framed like that.

Katelyn McPhee

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I love Two Dots; I’ve been playing it since last December, and it doesn’t ever get any less addicting! I’m on level 459 currently; love the app-inspired artwork! I might have to try this myself 🙂


Alexandra Adams

I love the two dots inspiration! My boyfriend makes fun of my addiction (he got stumped some time ago), I’m totally awaiting the next update so I can play again! Their design is fabulous. I love that you incorporated it into your place!


The painting is so pretty!
Abbie E.

Abbie E.

I am definitively going to try that game on my daughter’s Iphone (mine is Android); I love decorating, changing rooms etc… and I find your Artwork very nice!!!

Cassandra Rozé

I can totally relate to you! I’ve been playing this game for a year and I’m still in love with it like it was the first day we’ve met <3
The design is great, and so is the music and the frequent updates.


These pieces are so gorgeous! I love them!



Haha oh my God I love Two Dots (I’m on level 249…not sure I should flaunt that..). I’ve been playing for almost a year and love it for whenever I’m traveling, waiting in airports, etc. Love that you got to partner with them and this artwork is so cute!

Carolyn Selheim-Miller | Boxes and Jars

Thanks Melanie!


This is such a good idea! It looks so good.


Awesome Ansley! Yeah, the color palettes and illustrations are top notch. Love ’em.


I’m so happy you did this! I can’t tell you how many screenshots I’ve taken while playing that game to use as inspiration for color palettes and illustration styles. It’s too good.


Yay! All of us Two Dots fanatics can ban together on this one, Lina. 🙂


I love playing Two Dots too! This is such a fun DIY x

Lina |


Yep, right there with you Kimberly. 🙂


Just downloaded Two Dots. I’m hooked! And I love that the icon on my phone is a Halloween theme. It’s all in the details!


So fun! This would be a perfect gift for your husband, Ike. Love that idea.


My husband is addicted to Two Dots! This is a great idea. I might just make him a smaller painting for his desk at work. Thanks for this!


Thanks Michelle.


What a fun idea, I never would have had the idea to be inspired by game design. Love it!


Haha. Totally been there, Emily! I’ve played in bed (with my contacts out before), which makes for a pretty interesting game when I can hardly see. Haha.


I can TOTALLY relate! It’s 5am, I can’t sleep, so I played until I ran out of lives… I think it may be an addiction

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