DIY Business Cards Idea

By Brittni • Updated on 02/03/2011

If you’re looking for a cost effective way to get some cool business cards made, I’d recommend getting a custom stamp. Then you can make a business card out of literally anything that you have lying around: business card stock, cardboard, letterhead, napkins, anything!

And this is the branding stamp that I would recommend. It’s from MaeMae Paperie and there are four different fonts to choose from. So, there’s plenty of room for your unique personality to shine through. I love this idea. But I want to know what you think…

Is this something you would consider for your business cards?

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Hey Taylor. Mae moved. You can now find their products (like the stamp) here:


where did you get the stamp made?


I also love making my own business cards! And each one different from the other as well 😀
I do however tend to run out of business cards on occasion.
This is my post about mine:

Claudia Liliana/rasamalai

Awesome find! Thank you so much for sharing. I love the maple one.


I love this idea! Much better than ordering “x” amount of the same style card. I like the option to make every one different if you wanted to. I’d definitely consider this. Thanks for the post : )

Carissa Shapiro

i had seen these a bit ago on etsy i think, but your post reminded me of them again! what a great, simple idea for utilizing old scraps of paper (or old work!) to promote. i love the idea.

kaitlyn sullivan

How cool are these! The thing is I’d be tempted to go around stamping everything.

Trudi * Fabricated Tales

I would absolutely consider this for biz cards – not only is it gorgeous, but I’d never run out of cards! Win win 🙂

Erika Jurney @ Try Handmade

WHAT!?!? Mae Mae Paperie!? Megan is a friend of mine! We went to college together. If any of you are considering buying one of her stamps you should definitely do it. She is very talented and SO sweet.


Janee Lookerse

last month I was left without cards
Fortunately I was able to do it by hand, with my custom stamp 🙂


Great, just in time! I’m going to order some generic business card, this will be good idea for that.


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I love it! I’m about to get my own business cards made and was trying to come up with ideas. The great thing about a stamp is you can put it on anything—cloth or paper, depending on your ink. You can also use it for packaging, envelopes, letterhead, etc. Any kind of fun paper is a possibility, even stuff that won’t go through a printer. 🙂


I love that idea . . . great tip.

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

This is super fun…and just in time — I just ran out of cards!


“Slick printed cards seem to conflict with a hand made product line.” Good point Chantelle. I hadn’t thought about that, but you’re absolutely right.


I love the look of a hand stamped business for a handcrafted product. Slick printed cards seem to conflict with a hand made product line. These ones are really cute.


Please note- Oh yes, please send a link to a photo when you have it. I’d love to take a look.


What a great idea! I just finished printing mine. I will do a post on them. They look like little airmail envelopes.

I’ll definitely consider this idea for the next time I decide to give my business cards a little makeover.

Please Note

I’m an engineer but love doing artsy prjoects on the side. I’d totally use these cards for creative businesses. Not sure if I would for engineering though 🙂


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“..handy for packaging too.” Great point Sarah! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


I had a stamp made of my logo for this very purpose, and I think it adds a great “handmade” element to my business cards. The logo stamp is handy for packaging, too!

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