DIY Business Cards Idea

If you’re looking for a cost effective way to get some cool business cards made, I’d recommend getting a custom stamp. Then you can make a business card out of literally anything that you have lying around: business card stock, cardboard, letterhead, napkins, anything!

And this is the branding stamp that I would recommend. It’s from MaeMae Paperie and there are four different fonts to choose from. So, there’s plenty of room for your unique personality to shine through. I love this idea. But I want to know what you think…

Is this something you would consider for your business cards?

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Hey Taylor. Mae moved. You can now find their products (like the stamp) here:


where did you get the stamp made?


I also love making my own business cards! And each one different from the other as well 😀
I do however tend to run out of business cards on occasion.
This is my post about mine:

Claudia Liliana/rasamalai
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