DIY Idea: Cheap Modern House Numbers

Jeff and I looked for months for the “perfect” house numbers when we bought our house a few years ago. We finally found what we were looking for on DWR. And even though they were WAY more than we wanted to pay, we bought ’em. There were no other modern options out there at the time. So, we ended up paying alot more than we expected for exactly what we were looking for.

Well, of course, now that the numbers have long been paid for and we’ve moved on to other things, I find this diy house numbers idea from Lotta Agaton. Shit. I love this. And it cost a fraction of the price. You can recreate this look with a $5 box of nails and a little leftover wood. Simple. Modern. And pretty damn cool.

What do you think? Would you create this nailed house numbers project for your home?

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Awesome! I am imagining a print out stencil attached to a prefinished piece (or pieces) of background wood. Hammer in the nails as close as possible within the stencil. Spray paint nails desired colour & remove stencil (or paint the nails first & then hammer in for the distressed/antique look).


Pretty original!!! And cheap – great!!


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