Care for a Book Planter DIY with your Weekend Links Today Ma’am?

Okay. You know I always have room for a good diy project, especially one that involves a book. And this diy book planter from The Violet Hours is so getting bookmarked (well I actually have had it bookmarked in my diy pinboards for over a month- but you know what I mean). I really like it. What do you think? Would you try this one?

If not, no worries. I still have you covered. You know I got your back when it comes to diy’s. So, here are a few more awesome craft projects for your weekend links…

1. Have you seen my latest diy roundup for Danni’s blog, Oh Hello Friend, yet? Lots of pretty craft project ideas to drool over.

2. Yet another reason to love succulents. Not like we needed another reason, but either way, here it is: DIY Succulent Tutorial.

3. And since we’re on the subject of plants, I should probably mention this diy terrarium idea from Country Living. The entire project is made of recycled picture frames.

Have a great weekend. Hope you can make it a diy one!

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Uh oh. This post is threatening to take over my weekend!


I know exactly what you mean The Zen of Making. I hope these don’t take over my weekend (too much) either. But they sound like fun, right?


Pretty clever idea!
Thank you for sharing :]

April Cole

Looks fun!

& have a GREAT weekend!

pilli pilli

As if a piece of enchanted forest escaped from a story book … it’s really pretty!

un amour de papier

This would make a wonderful table centerpiece for a garden party. Now if only I had a garden…

As a avid book reader and lover of all things fantastic- I LOVE this idea.


So adorable…could see my kids loving this …about to check out your other links..thanks…have a good one…xxx

[email protected]

Simply clever and so desirable – what a delightful way to showcase th ewonders of nature! Love it – Alison

Alison Fennell

I love these! You can find succulent book planters in Australia at

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