DIY Idea: Stitching Together a Pendant Necklace + Giveaway

You know I will come up with any excuse for a new diy project, right?

So when I was asked to participate in the Pendant Project (an idea cooked up by AesaLina Compton of Love Lovely), I jumped on it. I’ve been wanting to give these little  stitchery wooden pendants a try anyway. So this seemed like the perfect excuse.

More info about the Pendant Project…Each week in the month of February, one blogger is chosen to create their own pendant, using AesaLina’s handy wooden pendants and what ever other materials they can dream up.

I am the first of four muses to reveal a finished piece and to keep it interesting, I am showing you exactly how I made it…PLUS I am giving away my finished piece along with a blank pendant for you to make another necklace on your own.

Materials: stitchery wooden pendant from Love Lovely, gold Sharpie paint pen, embroidery floss, needle, leather cord, and scissors

How To (instructions): I’ve laid the whole thing out in photos below…

I am not an embroidery person, so I decided from the start I would approach my design in more of a haphazard way. Starting with paint…

1. Paint both sides of your pendant, unless you prefer the look of the wood on its own, which is actually pretty nice. I used a Sharpie paint pen for mine. It is quick and easy, and (bonus!) is dry to the touch in seconds.

2. Choose your colors and start stitching. I selected three colors to limit my palette, but I didn’t want to box in my design, so I made no plan for it at all. I just dove right in.

3. After one color fet completed, I tied it off and moved on to the next. I knew I wanted to keep the design abstract and random, but I also wanted to bring some order to the overall design. So I started adding horizontal and vertical lines into the design, which you can see popping up here.

4. Then I moved into my third and final color, before adding a few finishing touches with the fuchsia thread I started with. Once the design was complete, I tied off the loose ends in the back, cut off the excess string, and added a leather cord.

Such an easy project! And definitely addictive… I want to do more of these, for sure. Thank you to AesaLina Compton of Love Lovely for inviting to be a part of the Pendant Project!

And now for the giveaway!

If you want a chance to win the necklace I made along with a blank pendant and additional supplies to make one of your own, enter this giveaway today.

All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me the color or colors you would use for your own pendant if you win. That’s it! Simple, dimple. This giveaway will close Wednesday, February 15th at 11:59pm EST. International entries welcome. **Bonus entries for tweets and facebook shares (just use the buttons below)!

The winner will be announced on the blog Thursday, February 16th.

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I would use turquoise and hot pink for sure! I love the pendant so much! Thanks for the give away 🙂


OH MYGOODNESS!! My 9 year old granddaughter would love to have one of these!! I know she would choose pink,purple and a mystery color,thanks for the giveaway.


OOOOOhhh, that’s so lovely! I’d use peach, pink, and red!

Indiana Felix-Delacruz

navy and pink!


Would love love love to win and make one of these! What fun!

Meghan Thimjon

Also shared on (fingers crossed lalala~) <:


Really pretty stuff~ I’d love to have one in peacock green, cream and fuchsia, fly one to Singapore please? 😀


I think my colors would be gold, a bright red, and a dark dusky blue.


How pretty! Black, green, and grey for me!


I think this is really cool! My colors would be turquoise, lime green and fuchsia.


Also, Pinned it:


Peacock Green & Blue! It would look awesome with that gold sharpie!


Shared the giveaway on Facebook also (Amber H):


Shared on Twitter:!/roomofmyown/status/167756299344412672


DIY Idea: Stitching Together a Pendant Necklace + Giveaway

A (@roomofmyown)

Oh my gosh, I was so excited to see this! That pendant is so pretty! I *love* it. I would be so thrilled to win, I love the colors that you used. I would love to make one with turquoise, teal, and purple. Would love to win this in time for my birthday. Oh thanks so much! 🙂


Shades of purple with either red or green. I love unconventional color combinations.

Emily C

I love warm colours so i would use colours like teal, purple and and white. and thanks for the giveaway.

Kimberly R.

Ooooh I love it! I think i would go with… aqua & yellow and do a stripe detail. I love that we can get an already perfect pendant in case we mess up on our own 😉

Jessie V

I’d use the colors of the sand and ocean. I live in Florida and it’s been very dreary and raining lately, so this color combination would bring some of that back right about now, and look so amazing!

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