DIY in the Morning

Good morning! How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?

I was going over my talk for Creative Company about building kick-ass online communities. And working out the kinks for that free goal tracking download I mentioned last week.

But anyway, I wanted to stop in while everyone is still grabbing their first (or second) cup of coffee and give you a little home diy project roundup to check out. I think its probably my favorite post I’ve written for Oh Hello Friend so far. And I’d love it if you went and checked it out.

Be back in a couple of hours with shops from the newest papernstitch exhibition, which kicks off today.

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Wish you could make it too Van. There is always next time though. Excited to share the free goal tracker as well. Should be released on Wednesday if all goes well.


Oops, I wish I could have requested a day off to attend Creative Co. (Or talked boss into funding it, ha!) so I could hear your speech. I’m looking forward to using your free goal tracker, too!

Happy Monday!

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