DIY Light Fixture Project

Over the weekend, while catching up on some project ideas, I found this amazing tutorial for a Whirl-It Lampshade from Pickels.

I am pretty sure I’ll be making one of these lights in the near future. And with just a few basic supplies, you can make one for your home too.┬áRead the full tutorial here.

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I’ve made these, but never with wallpaper glue!
We used Stiffy (fabric stiffener) ((ten bucks at Walmart)) and made smaller lanterns with medium sized balloons.
They turned out amazing. Used some as decorations at a fundraiser, and cut the tops off some of them too to make ‘nests’ to hold the easter eggs I made last year. Got so many comments on them! Its a really easy project.


Tali, this would look amazing in your home! If you do it, send some images my way. I’d love to see your finished result.

Brittni: papernstitch

Oh this is awesome! We’re in the need for a light fixture for our bedroom and this looks real cool!! I think we might just give this DIY a try!

Tali Schiffer
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