DIY Lighting Project: Modern Glass Bubble Chandelier

Jeff and I recently replaced the light in our dining room with a MUCH nicer option (I’ll post on that some other time). Partly because we were sick of looking at the “placeholder” IKEA light we bought a while back, and partly because it became clear I was never going to get around to making a cool one for us.

I wish I would have seen this diy glass bubble chandelier a few months ago. Great step-by-step tutorial. Who knows, maybe I would have attempted it?

It looks pretty easy. But then again, I love the light that we finally decided to purchase. So, I guess it all worked out for the best.

Would you be down for making your own bubble chandelier?

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Wow! That looks really pretty!!
F. and I are still chandelierless, because we haven’t really found what we like in an affordable version!
(The last time I gasped in front of a chandelier, the load of pretty my eye had fallen on came with a four digits price tag…)

But we’re hopeful! And otherwise we can always turn to DIY!

& thanks for the link!
(and the visit…)

pilli pilli

Good lighting is way more expensive than I ever thought it would be, isn’t it Pilli? But the good thing is that you can take it with you forever if you buy something that’s high quality. Of course, the same thing is true of a diy piece, as long as its made well.


I have seen versions of this light and like it but it doesn’t fit my decor. I’ve looked around for ones to purchase as well but nothing has jumped out at me. Then I found this DIY pendant light last week and am dying to make it:

Emily M

That’s a nice one Emily. Thanks for the link. Looks like fun!


that is such an awesome idea!! looks great.



Would love to try, but electricity scares me a bit. I pass on fabulous lamps all the time because I’m afraid they wont work & I don’t know hoe to rewire them. Perhaps that’s a new skill i should acquire …

Alexandra keller
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