Dolan Geiman Giveaway

dolan geiman giveaway

I am so excited to bring this giveaway to you all today. Its from an artist I really admire: Dolan Geiman. The giveaway is for the set shown above for two DG mini prints (Peppertree Park Woodpecker and Nest) which will be given to one very lucky winner. They look great together as a set, don’t they? The retail value is $90 for this set.

This is a great opportunity to own not one but two of Dolan’s pieces, so don’t miss it… And be sure to scroll all the way down after you have entered this giveaway for information on Dolan’s Big Holiday Sale…

dolan geiman giveaway

How do you enter the giveaway?

There are several ways to play and you may enter up to three times. First, visit Dolans shop, and browse around for your favorites, then come back here and tell us which pieces you like most and why. Second way to play, answer this question in the comments: One of the subjects that Dolan works with often is nature. What is your favorite part of nature and why (be specific)? Third, twitter or blog about this giveaway or Dolan’s shop and leave a link in the comments here.

dolan geiman holiday sale

The giveaway will end on December 2nd  at 11:59 pm eastern time.

And be sure to check out Dolan’s Big Holiday Sale, which kicked off today and will run through December 20th. All items in Dolan’s shop have been updated to reflect discounted holiday pricing. Also, spend $100 or more receive a FREE GIFT, and spend $500 or more and receive FREE SHIPPING. If you have always wanted a piece of Geiman’s work, now is the time!

“¦Visit the Dolan Geiman etsy shop…and website

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I really love birds and they are done so well in dolangeiman’s art. Sometimes using birds can look so cheesy but these are really well done. I love them!


Large-scale Wood Assemblage, Hidden Under the Pear Tree (2009)


My favorite part about nature is the way it runs the gamut from a simple guppy to the most outrageously colorful, textured, genius-designed tropical fish – and everything in between.


What is your favorite part of nature and why (be specific)?

Oh boy, hard to explain… I grew up in a different country, up the road from the beach with a beautiful mountain behind us and little forests around us.

I loved exploring all of this nature & the stars at night too via the planetarium at the museum.

Now I am much older, married with children, living in a different country in different times (I used to “roam free” when I was little, I wouldn’t dream of letting my kids do that now), in an inner-city neighbourhood where the stars are all but obliterated by the bright night lights…

I love ALL of nature (the birds, the animals, the ocean, the beach, the weather, the trees, the streams, the mountains, the rocks, the sky) & miss it dearly, it’s becoming harder to find & that makes me sad for my little boys as they are missing out on so much that should be a part of their lives.



I absolutely LOVE the Print on Wood, 30×40, February Journal BOX PRINT reproduction – I have a bit of a “thing” for birds & collage & this is incredibly gorgeous 😀
I also really LOVE the
Wood Assemblage, Songbird Fence Row Collection (2009)
(again, for the birds!)
Thank you!


the song bird wood assemblage and the dixie duo on wood are my favorite pieces. very cool art! the first would be for me, the second form my husband. he’s a lover of the south in a big way.

as for my favorite part of nature – the ocean. it’s so mysterious. it can be both beautiful/breathtaking and terrible/frightening. i love it and am so blessed to live within two miles of the pacific ocean! yay!


I love birds as I said in the last comment. Bird and trees!!! I use to fed up them when they fall off their nests!!!!

cal_rubies at yahoo dot es


Well. i love (only one????)
Art on Wood, Migration Constellation No. 04 (2008), I adore birds!!!

cal_rubies at yahoo dot es


My favorite part of nature is a clean crisp breeze on a warm day because it makes me feel alive.


I like the cars panel painting because of the green background- it looks great.


Our connection with the natural world that surround us, is so vital to our existence on this earth..
and we take it for granted..
to go inside a hiking trail deep inside the mountains,breathing the delicious air,admiring the trees awesome beauty,just being there is the best medicine for our stressed out spirits!
wonderful giveaway

Erika Morrison

My favorite part of nature is flowers. I love all types of flowers. I like the colors, the way they bloom and the way their petals hang and drape.

Erika H.

My favorite is the Vintage Dresses piece. I like the look of it as it has a retro flare and the colors make it appear like it’s from a different era.

Erika H.

LOVE Geiman’s work – and I blogged about it here last week!

Rebecca Hanley


One of the best things I love about nature is the silence when you escape deep enough into it.
There are no cell phones or needy people. It’s just you and no one to stop you from looking inside yourself and just thinking.


I love the panel painting trees because it reminds me so much of the view into this little woodsy area behind my apartment.


My favorites in Dolan’s shop are the Set of 2 Prints on Wood, DG MINI April Evening I and II . . . love the birds!


Honestly, the giveaway prints (Peppertree Woodpark Woodpecker and Nest) are my favorite. These particular prints bring back very fond childhood memories of my Grandmother cooking holiday dinners in her kitchen in Northeast Philadelphia. There was this one woodpecker who made his home in a tree right outside the kitchen window, and all we’d hear was him knocking away at the tree over and over. It would drive my grandmother crazy, but I would always find it funny. He was like our little holiday mascot. 🙂

Beth Ann Jaworski

What’s not to love about Nature. There’s something magical about it when we are surrounded by it and how it rejuvenates our soul. The woodpecker is beautiful and nice that your doing this giveaway, thanks.

– Julia


I saw Dolan recently at a show in Nashville, and I really wanted this amazing whale collage sculpture he had made, and this tree reminds me a little of it: He is so talented! All I have yet to date is one of his prints, but it’s framed and hanging in my den for all to see! Those cute little bird prints would look adorable anywhere in my house!


I love this
Small Print on Wood, DG MINI April Evening I


My favorite is DG MINIs Coastal Collection Sailboats. It would fit in very nicely in our dining room, which has a nautical theme!

Bri B

Oh, I’m having a hard time picking just one favorite – though this bird piece ( is jumping out at me right now. My favorite part of nature has to be the ocean. Water is very calming for me.


What an awesome giveaway! The “Large-scale Wood Assemblage, Hidden Under the Pear Tree (2009)” piece from the shop is spectacular!


i’ve been a fan of dolan’s for a couple years now. i first met him and his work at renegade craft chicago. there’s a lovely nostalgic, outsider, yet contemporary vibe to his work. it’s something i see in my own work and am attracted to, however i love how our aesthetics are so very different. i’m definitely partial to his assemblages that incorporate both 2d and 3d elements, like this one
but also enjoy simpler nature scenes like this one


I really love his work (own 1 piece), so it’s REALLY hard to choose a favorite. I soooo wish I could afford this:


I love them all, but my favorites are the new cowgirl Birthday Party because I can’t get enough of cowgirls, and really, with a red balloon? What more need to be said? And I love all of the wood assemblage pieces — the wood backgrounds add beautiful texture while making the drawing pop.


I love Dolan’s beautiful artwork. My favorite part of nature is the animals that live there. They inspire me everyday in their beauty and unique ways of life. I love the texture and storybook quality of Dolan’s animal artwork, it is very sweet and layered in texture and meaning, for example; is whimsical and beautiful, and this piece is really fun and has wonderful texture/mixed materials;
🙂 Michele

Michele Erez

I love pretty much everything about nature… just being outdoors feels wonderful. If I had to pick a favorite, I just love the peacefulness and the sounds of things like running water or leaves being crunches underfoot.


I really like the Set of 2 Prints on Wood, DG MINI April Evening I and II. I LOVE birds and the color combination used on these prints is just wonderful. I also love that these are on wood because I love wood as an art medium.. all around pretty perfect!


Favourite part of nature? Searching for bird’s nests on my daily walk with Shelby the beagle!


I love the different woodpecker prints!


I love the owl panel paintings. The photography class I teach choose the owl as our mascot…. what a great image.


I’ve loved Dolan’s work since I first saw it, but I haven’t been able to afford any of his pieces yet. I don’t know what I’d do if I won this giveaway. Crying of happiness is liable :_)

Right now, my favorite is this butterfly panel paint ( I love the look of the paint on the back, and the butterflies on top of it. I love how sketchy yet detailed they look. I love the colors of the whole thing. And I would love to have a painted wooden panel on my walls…


I’ve been admiring Dolan’s rescued wood contructions for ages. But the new “Hidden under the pear tree” is simply awesome. The scale of it appeals to me. There’s also something… ironic?… about recreating a tree out of old wood.


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Nature, I love it because it is the best teacher, and it is free! My three year old is like a sponge right now and this summer just laying on a blanket looking up into the trees pointing out birds, leaves, clouds, it was hours of entertainment and wonder for her. I hold those memories so close to my heart now.


My favorite part of nature is the sounds. I love the crunch of leaves under toe, and the low whistle of a nighttime breeze. The sounds are what really capture me.


I really love the Wood Assemblage, Complex Songbird Collection! It is gorgeous!


Just the way it makes you breathe. Feel optimistic. Feel like part of something bigger – that intangible feeling. I need to do it (go into nature) more.

Karen B.

I blogged about both the give away and Dolan..Fellow Virginian that he is


my favorite part of nature and why::::
I love the change of seasons.
Because then I get it all, all the color, sounds, smells, the magic of plants and animals reproducing and growing to maturity, be it in the wild or in the garden. My favorite season is Spring- all the senses are overwhelmed!!


Which i like and why:::
As I looked through Dolan’s work I felt drawn in. Checking his bio revealed the reason. I grew up in the same part of VA. a little east, on the other side of the mountain! As a child I spent hours on my tummy leafing through an Audubon portfolio. I have passion for birds. In the 80’s a pileated woodpecker was pointed out to me with the warning, you may never see another one. I now rejoice at each one I see.. I think it is my favorite! Hope I win it!


I like: Art on Wood, Griffith Park Tangerine (2009)


oh I love those prints. they remind me of when I was a young girl living in South Florida we had huge oak trees in our yard and a pileated woodpecker family would visit almost daily. One year they even brought their babies to the trees in our yard. I so miss that sight now.
what do I enjoy about nate and why? I enjoy the quietness, the removal from all of the hustle and bustle and stresses that can overtake our lives and I enjoy just taking the time to relax and look at the beauty of the natural world..a blade of grass, a bird on the wing, a flower in bloom. It is those things that give us pause and teach us to reflect upon what truly matters in is the little things.


I LOVE “Screenprint on Wood, Mockingbird Sing (2009)”…because I love mockingbirds!

Kim Doughty

I blog.

The more I look at those prints, the more I like them! Such a perky little woodpecker!


What is your favorite part of nature and why (be specific)?
I love the way nature’s seasons are always changing. There is something about the shifting seasons that offers both the freshness of change along with the comfort of familiarity as we move from season to season. We always know what to expect but each year brings something new along with it. It’s finally beginning to feel like Fall here in Southern California so I’m especially enjoying taking the dog for walks in the late afternoon setting sun in slightly crisp cool air. I purposely walk down the street with falling leaves so we can shuffle through them.


The New Orleans Crawfish Boil would be so fun in my kitchen! It has such personality.

But the Bluebird print is so calming, I would love to have it in our guest room/my home office. I love the colors.



Beth Parker

It’s hard to pick a favorite part of nature, but I guess my favorite is wildflowers. My grandma used to point out different kinds of wildflowers and tell us their names when we were little. She even transplanted some of them into her flower beds. I love to spot a little splash of color when I’m out walking in the woods. They just make me smile.

Beth Parker

I like “Panel Painting, Midwest Fish.” My husband and I enjoy fishing and we are decorating our living room in a lighthouse and nautical theme. The fish would fit in nicely.

Beth Parker
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