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Coolfish by Domestic Construction

I have been meaning to post this for some time now. And I apologize to Trish and Maureen for not getting this up sooner…

Domestic Construction is probably most well-known for their Ted Lights (the teacup hanging lights), but they also have some wonderful wall surfaces as well. Many of these wall surfaces and spaces are in private residences, and I thought I would show a couple of my favorites, but you really to visit the DC site to see them all because they are awesome. 

Funk N Jam by Domestic Construction and Max by Domestic Construction

These wall surfaces would be a great alternative to wallpaper and really add drama and interest to a room. I love the Max wall surface because it provides a graphic contrast and has a haphazard pattern. Perfect for our home!

Untitled by Domestic Construction (both from xplorationz series)

And here are some detail shots from the xplorationz series of wall surfaces that I just adore. They are made with unexpected materials…the first is made from paperbags and the second is made from teabags. What a great idea. For more from Domestic Construction, click here to visit the site.

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Wow – I love those walls!

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