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I posted the following over the weekend, but I thought I would post again just in case you don’t scroll down to older entries and see it….

Papernstitch will be celebrating the first exhibition with a BIG giveaway. I have already started collecting goodies, but thought I should open this up to anyone who would like to contribute. So, I will be accepting products from now until Tuesday, November 4th. All you have to do is email me at and put GIVEAWAY in the subject line. Then I will send you the address of where to send your promo goodies. Just make sure you get them to me by November 4th (Super Tuesday). I will be making the post announcing the actual giveaway on Wednesday. We will be selecting at least three winners for this giveaway, so you can send as much or as little as you would like (retail anywhere from $10 to $100). My only request is no breakables, so that we can ensure these goodies will make it safely to the winners. Of course, when I actually post the giveaway, everyone who sent products will have a link to their shop in the post.

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Hi Nancy!
I am so sorry, it must have become lost in my spam folder, otherwise I would have emailed you back right away. I will email you right now. And thanks for your interest.


Hi! I sent an email over the weekend wanting to provide products for the giveaway but haven’t heard from you. Should I wait until I receive an email to know if I’ve been accepted?


aka goshery

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