Like a Dream: The Photographs of Yann Pendaries

Using his skills as a professional photographer, Yann has curated a playful collection of photography prints, photo-paintings, photomontages, and drawn photographs in his photography shop, named Yann Pendaries.

Each piece seems to tell a story. There are plenty of landscapes and delicately dreamy scenes, mostly derived from Yann’s travels across Europe. But this photograph, View in Paris, is my fav because it highlights Yann’s unique style and perspective.

Right now the Yann Pendaries Etsy Shop has a 15% off for its 3 year anniversary. Use the discount code ETSYANNIVERSAY.

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Oh I am sorry I find your blog post only now !
Thank you so much for featuring my photographs!

The one with the red balloon is indeed the Jewish memorial in Berlin.

Have a great day !
Yann ;o)


Oh my goodness! How fun to see this! Yann Pendaries is one of my fave photographers! ‘London Fashion’ is my fave of faves! 🙂


Another photo:


@Brittni: I just found my way back 🙂

Well, of course it can be other building, but it really looks like that one 🙂


I love Yann Pendaries photographs!!!!


Thanks Brittni 🙂 here’s the link:


Really beautiful!! The pictures has an amazing light and colors.

Rosa Navas

Oh, that’s awesome Jennifer. What’s the treasury link? I’d love to see it.


His work is stunning, I just made a treasury featuring one of his prints yesterday. I called it “walking on a dream” 🙂


wow! those are really really lovely images!

Nicole Underwood

Beautiful, dreamy photos! I just fell in love…


thanks for sharing this artist ! I love the works!


so very pretty ..subtle beauty

red or gray

The most
photos,it looks like a dream!
I love his work,i include his shop few times in my treasury!
Thank you for sharing.



Hmm. That is very strange Vadjitka. I don’t recognize the building myself. Maybe it’s a different one?


The photo with the tall grey coloumn is a bit thrilling.
I think it is the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, a memory place for German Jews killed in the 2nd world war…and it is very strange, and also very interesting to see it with those playful hot air balloons.


I am too Blythe. You are not alone.


I love the ones that incorporate hot air balloons! So magical. Then again, I’m just a sucker for hot air balloons in general. ;]


Wow, those are stunning!

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