What would you prefer? To carry around the kitchen sink or consolidate your everyday bag into a smaller pouch with just a few necessary items?

Most days I am a kitchen sink kind of girl. But either way, purse and pouch shop, Drika.B, has you covered with cheerful prints and patterns for these original, handmade bags and clutches. Aren’t they cool? The two above are my favorites. Can’t go wrong with that celery color in my opinion.

Visit Drika.B on etsy to view more bags from the collection.

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I’m a kitchen sink kind of girl, but this is SO COOL! Plus, her coat. My gosh! I love her coat!


Yeah Van. I’ve still have a pretty large bag that I am lugging around. But maybe I’ll switch over like you have at some point. We’ll see.


Love these, the mix of colors and textures arranged artistically do me in! I’ve transitioned from big bag to small bag and no only survived, but like the change. (For now…)


I love that detail as well Ali. I don’t see it very often, so it really pops!


I love her bags – I think it’s the webbing handles which really do it for me.

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