Drool-Worthy Photographs from Lauren Mitchell

I know you are a girl that loves some good photography every now and again (or all the time-who are we kidding here). So I thought would share the work of the uber talented Lauren Mitchell today. She actually hails nearby to my old stomping grounds in Florida. Yeah! And has a really cool photography shop called Wild Orange Studio.

I really am taken by her imagery. And I hope you will be too. Here’s what Lauren has to say about her photography…

I’ve had some sort of camera in my hand since I was 11, when I was signed up for my first darkroom photography class. It’s been a huge passion of mine ever since! I have an eye for all things old and neglected, for places historic and for the natural world – especially here in Florida. I hope to show everyone that there is so much beauty to this state beyond the mouse!

Love that! Gotta say, there is some serious beauty in Florida, but you have to look for it. OR you can just wait for Lauren to take a picture of it.

You can visit Lauren’s shop, Wild Orange Studio, to browse her collection of prints and additional imagery. And if you like her work, help Lauren and I spread the word by tweeting and facebooking. Is facebooking a word?

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Thanks again for the feature! Just wanted to let you guys know that this week (until October 21st) I am having a Buy 1, Get 1 Free Sale…so stop on over!


i love it all!!!!!!! keep taking photos

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