Drooling Over Homemade Sweets from Scrumptulicious

I’m heading out a little earlier than usual today because (surprise) I’ve actually been out of town all week. Yep, I’ve been working from Key West this entire week with my hubby in celebration of my birthday.

So before I head out for my last glimpse at the beach, I wanted to be sure to leave you with these drool-worthy treats from Scrumptulicious, an artisan bake shop specializing in homemade baked goods. No birthday is complete without a healthy does of sugar, right? YUM!!!

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Visit Scrumptulicious online to get 10% off your order of sweet treats now.

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I’m Baaaack! | papernstitch

They look gorgeous in photos, what more if you taste them. Yum!


Aw, thanks Jayca. I did eat many, many treats (too many in fact). And I don’t think you are alone on the whole “paper snitch” thing. I’ve been told that several times and I always smile at the creative names people “see” in the letters. Funny, stuff. 🙂 Have a great weekend!


Yummies aside, as a Florida resident, I say welcome and come back soon! It occurs to me that I’m not sure if you already live somewhere else in-state, but no matter – happy birthday and I hope you ate many many treats in celebration –

I follow your blog and have always read the name as “Paper Snitch,” which makes me think of adorable stationery running around telling on each other, like “Who told Brittini I spilled the watercolors?” “It was I, the Paper Snitch!”

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