Left to right. Marge Screen-Print Medium, Engraved Vine Front Earring, and Marge Screen-Print Large

I love buying jewelry online. And I have found another site that has a great selection. It’s called Early Jewelry. Kylie Earlene Grater, creator of Early Jewelry, is making these gorgeous pieces that combine natural materials with unexpected pattern and design. The mix of graphic and organic is quite interesting and would appeal to hippies, hipsters, modernists, and moms alike. I think that covers almost everybody.

Left to right. Double Quartz Necklace, Earring X, and Horseshoe Necklace

Early Jewelry has been featured in magazines such as Nylon and Hallmark and has also been on Daily Candy, so I am just one of MANY individuals vying for Kylie’s pieces. For more from Early Jewelry, click here.

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how beautiful

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