Play it By Ear: 31 Pairs of Earrings that Will Totally Make An Outfit

Play it By Ear: 31 Pairs of Earrings that Will Make Any Outfit #earrings #fashion #jewelry #geometric #accessories #modernjewelry #arcearrings

Over the last year, I’ve become obsessed with earrings – giant statement earrings, tiny sparkles, dangles, etc. And it’s been too long since I shared my favorites, so I put together a big earring roundup today of all of my faves (in all price ranges – starting at $9!).

Here are 31 amazing pairs of earrings that will make any outfit.

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P.S. I have been buying earrings more frequently than I care to admit lately (three pairs from this list alone). Which is slightly embarrassing at this point because I have yet to get my ears re-pierced and it’s been on my to do list for over a year. So I can’t even wear any of the earrings I’ve bought yet! Whoops!

Do you ever get that way with something…feeling like you ‘must have it’ even though the feeling is a bit…irrational? Or is it just me?

See any earrings in this roundup that catch your eye? Which ones are you fave?




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I have the pair from Urban Outfitters that look like half moons. Love LOVE LOVE them! Get those ears re-pierced already so you can wear them too! xox


Loving the minimalist styles!

Shatakshi K

Oh yes Michelle. Anything from Clare V is good to go in my book! 🙂


They are all so gorgeous, I don’t know if I like the statement earring better or the delicate ones! Definitely love the ones from Clare Vivier!


Thanks Courtney. I noticed after I picked everything out that pretty much everything was geometric. I guess I have a thing for geo right now too. 🙂


These earrings are so cool. I love all the geometric shapes.

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