Trying to Keep Warm Lately

How was your weekend? Did you manage to stay warm these last few days? I spent most of the last two days running errands, hanging out at home, and going to my nephew’s birthday party (the best part of the weekend). All while layered up, trying to keep warm in the brisk temperatures. If you’ve been bundled up lately, like me, I have a handful of pieces fromĀ QARAMAT that you might like. These eco-friendly items will help to keep you warm (and looking cute). What’s better than that?

More about QARAMAT… AnĀ ethical every day clothing line for women (men’s line coming soon) that strives for a creative collection that is also ecologically sustainable.

(above) Flower Embellished Tweed Jacket (also available in green) and Crystal Cove Scarf

Special Offer: Buy one item and get a second item for 10% off. Please send your orders to: [email protected] in order to receive the discount. Offer expires 2/6/11.

Maya Scarf and Silk Draped Pants

Visit QARAMAT to view more of this collection.

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My sister has a coat similar to the pink one shown, and I have to say, it always reminds me of Professor Umbridge. That being said, it’s very cute nonetheless!

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