Save the Planet in Style

So its day two of the new exhibition (in case you missed yesterday’s announcement- it was a holiday after all) and I am a kid in a candy store…the shops are looking really good- stocked with handmade (and vintage) pieces that I really want to get my (greedy) little hands on. Shops like Lovely Planet for example, an environmental friendly apparel line. Here’s a bit more info on LPC…

Lovely Planet (available on Etsy + the LPC website) is an eco friendly collection for women created by designer Bianca Figueroa..

The line resemebles that of the California lifestyle; laid back, relaxed and comfortable. The most important elements in the line are fabric selection, comfort and style.

Lovely Planet uses only the best fabrics for you and insures a much less toxic journey for our environment.

You will find seperates for everyday wear as well as resort and sophisticated lounge wear made from 100% organic cotton, bamboo, silk, hemp, soy and recycled polyester.

I am originally from Cali myself, so I can totally identify with that laid back attitude. Lovely Planet Clothing has that casual, effortless style thing going on and I like that (a lot). I could wear these pieces anywhere. Of course, when I move I’m thinking I’ll probably need a jacket.

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