Encaustic Paintings: Susan Najarian

You learn something new every day. At least I did when I came across Susan Najarian Art & Design, a shop filled with encaustic paintings and hand crafted items. Also known as hot wax painting, the process involves heated beeswax + pigments combined with Susans photography, to create a “cloud like feeling” where images seem to float. Take in the ethereal view from the Begin the Journey painting or don an original piece with the Bird on a Wire necklace.

Enjoy the entire collection at Susan Najarian Art & Design.

About Rachel Anne: She is a 20-something wife and mother of one, who enjoys making things for her embroidery and tiny handmade goodies shop called, Goose and Trisser. You can visit Rachel Anne on her blog here.

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Wow, her work is truly inspiring. Her technique is very interesting! Thanks for sharing!


Hi Mai! My pleasure. I love Susan’s work.


Thanks so much for featuring my artwork.

Susan Najarian

Love Susan’s work!

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