Everything your ever Wanted to Know about Freelancing

By Brittni • Updated on 07/07/2021

Do you know Jenny Batt from Hank & Hunt?

I bet you do, especially if you’re a DIY lover, (if you aren’t familiar with her work already, head over here to see some of her recent projects). She is everywhere these days, creating DIYs for Oh Happy Day, One Charming Party, Hello Bee, Ruffled…and…well, I’ll just stop the list here, but I could list more.

So anyway, aside from being a freelance DIY superstar, she is also a good friend of mine. And we recently put together a four part series on the Alt Summit blog all about freelancing, since it’s a topic we both know a good bit about.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to land paid freelance positions on your favorite sites, how guest posting can grow your blog leaps and bounds, or simply how to juggle it all once you get started, make sure you read these posts. And leave a comment either here or on the actual posts themselves if you have any specific questions you want answered.

Here are the post topics Jenny and I wrote about for Alt:

1. Guest Posting  + Being a Contributor 101: Want to start at the beginning? You’ll find the basics of working as a freelancer in this post.

2. The Five Steps for Contributor Success: Step 1 is to always create amazing content. Always. Get steps 2-5 right here.

3. How to Land a Great Freelance Position: The longest post of the series! And probably the juiciest. Jenny and I share tips for both paid and non-paid freelance gigs in this one.

4. How to Create Great Content For Other Sites While Growing Your Own Blog: Ah, balance is always a hard one, right? This last article in the series talks about 4 specific things you can do to grow your blog, while writing for others at the same time.

That amazing cat photo above is from Leah Reena Goren. Her cat’s name is Baby Moses!

P.S. Are you going to Alt in January?

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Awesome Vivien. So glad you found papernstitch through Veronica’s lovely blog.


I’ve been blogging on my small Blogger-hosted blog for quite a while now and am ready to take it to the next level. I will be launching a WordPress self-hosted blog sometime soon and can’t wait to apply your tips!
I found your blog on Veronica Armstrong’s blog 🙂


[…] Everything you ever wanted to know about freelancing. So useful. […]

Link love and a little pimping. | Veronica Armstrong

Really useful set of articles, thanks. Guest blogs can be useful outside of SEO benefits but they should be in line with your target market, on blogs that encourage engagement and have a strong following to be really valuable.


Thanks Jen and Brianne. 🙂

Adam, you might be contributing or guest posting for blogs that aren’t in line with your target market if you aren’t seeing any results other than getting the SEO links. Are you getting traffic from the posts you are writing for other blogs?



I must confess that I’m only really interested in Point 3.
I’ve done a fair bit of contributing to other blogs and it hasn’t really helped me aside from getting links to my site for SEO.


Great article about ‘Everything your ever Wanted to Know about Freelancing’ worth a read http://t.co/1RfCtvdq via @sharethis

(@ohlottieloves) (@ohlottieloves)

you guys are so awesome, I loved this series! Seattle(ish) bloggers unite!


Everything your ever Wanted to Know about #Freelancing http://t.co/3MtZnydE

(@WallflowerBlog) (@WallflowerBlog)

This post couldn’t have been timed better. I just starting looking into contributing posts to jump kick some freelancing.

Thanks for the fab tips!

Jen @ Cuddles & Chaos

RT @papernstitch: RT @papernstitch: Everything your ever Wanted to Know about Freelancing: Do you know Jenny Batt from Hank… http://t.co/Kh26Gckg

(@ckelso) (@ckelso)
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