Fabulous Fashions Gift Guide

3rdexfashion2Left. The Phoebe (Scarlet) by Snoozer Loser Right. Green Acorn Necklace by Nea, Canvas Market Tote by Jautron, and Birdland Necklace by Paige Russell

With the start of a new exhibition, I always like to hunt around for an hour or so (or more) and take a GOOD look at EVERYTHING on the site. I have so much fun hunting around and finding new items in all the different categories. So I thought I would create some papernstitch gift guides that are sure to please. This round-up is all about fashion but I have a bunch of these lined up this week for different categories so stay tuned.


Left. Patapata Tote Turquoise by YokoMono, Soft Persimmon Scarf by Phydeaux Design, Petite Gold Rose Necklace- 22kt by Plum and Sage Right. Cane Sugar Cream Bracelet by Paper Flower Girl

You can easily shop by category on papernstitch! Here are some quick links to get you started:

Click here to browse clothing.

Click here to browse jewelry.

Click here to browse accessories. 

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Loooova that top!!
Thanks a lot 😉

Janick - Creativadoration Blog

Great selections! Thank you.

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