Fashion Finds: Grunge Revival

Having grown up in the 90s, I know all about grunge.  I remember listening to Nirvana on my Discman, pestering my parents to buy me a pair of Doc Martens, and thinking Angela and Rayanne on My So-Called Life had the coolest clothes ever.  It was all about having a certain style and attitude – that sort of rebellious, messy, “I don’t care about fashion” look.  A look that I never thought would be back in style… but now it is, in a big way!  Even if you don’t want to go head-to-toe grunge (which I completely understand), you can still get the look with these great, versatile pieces that embody some of the key trends of the grunge style.




1.  Kate Moss is a grunge icon, so of course I had to choose something from her clothing line for Topshop.  These shredded cutoffs would look fab layered with leggings and a “vintage” Pearl Jam t-shirt.  Ripped denim shorts, $55 from Topshop (and if you don’t have $55 to spare, try making your own out of a worn-out pair of jeans… check out this DIY version from Park & Cube).


2.  Let this shirt dress be your homage to the ubiquitous flannel shirt.  This time around, it has a more flattering, fitted silhouette and a pretty blue hue.  Flutter sleeve shirt dress, $29.99 from Urban Outfitters.


3.  I can’t get enough of these amazing shibori-dyed leggings.  They come in all different colors and patterns, and each pair is one of a kind.  For the more conservative (like me), try this black and white pair… more adventurous fashionistas can pick up a neon green or hot pink pair!  Hand-dyed tights, $32 from Shibori Love.


4.  A short skirt with a small floral print on a dark background is a grunge staple.  The sweet floral adds a feminine touch, but pair it with an army jacket, ripped tights, and boots to keep the look edgy.  Chiffon skirt, $29.99 from Ruche.


5.  Grunge up your every day look by adding texture and interest with this mineral wash fringe scarf.  Purple scarf, $12.80 from Forever 21.


6.  A fussy purse just doesn’t work with the grunge look… instead, try a utilitarian messenger bag in army green.  Canvas messenger bag, $44 from Kinies.


7.  These lace-print Doc Martens are so amazing… I would have died for these when I was a teenager!  The perfect tough-meets-sweet look.  Docs seem to be making a huge comeback, so I might just have to pick these up to satisfy my inner rebel.  Dr. Martens Lace Boots, $72.62 from Overstock.



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