Fashion Finds: Perfect Party Dresses

Today is my 25th birthday, and in honor of that occasion I’m showcasing a collection of amazing party dresses!  These aren’t necessarily for every day wear, but I think every girl should have that one perfect dress in their closet that makes them feel like a princess.  Whether it’s your birthday, a class reunion, a hot date, or just a day you want to feel special… these dresses are guaranteed to do the trick.




1. Betsey Johnson is the quintessential party dress designer, and this one has it all – girly pink lace and a ruffled hem, all tied up with a big bow!  $195, from Bluefly.


2. This dress is not for the faint of heart!  The unique and daring silhouette and fabric choices are guaranteed to turn heads.  One-of-a-kind handmade dress by Kcoline, $299.


3. I’ve been seeing Sarah Seven’s dresses all over the place the past month or so, and I still can’t get enough!  This one features gorgeous, soft draping and a fresh, modern color combination.  Lemon Drop Dress, $395.


4. Embrace your inner child with this fun, playful bright aqua and yellow dress with bow-tied details.  The variations in color and materials help give it that special, nostalgic, made-with-love feel.  Shoulder-tie mini dress by Little Sister Lucy, $50.


5. Everyone needs a little black dress, and this one will make you feel like a rock star.  I love the juxtaposition of the tough, sexy metal studs with the feminine, flowing material.  Studded party dress, about $60 from Oli (prices are in British pounds).


6.  This is the perfect party dress for the modern girly-girl.  The hot pink skirt and poufy crinoline are vintage-inspired and super femme, while the chic and simple navy blue bodice adds a modern, understated element.  Navy and magenta silk dress by Chloe Hope Designs, $140.


Hope you liked my finds… now it’s party time for me!



Lesley of 315thomas

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Happy B-day!!!!! While I do not wear dresses (man) my GF raves about Betsey Johnson, so that is our pick for the koolest!! nice post


Goodness Lesley! These picks are so beautiful and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Its so interesting that our birthdays are the same week and I am turning 25 too.


I love them all! But especially 6, 3, and 1. Now I need an occasion to wear them… can I buy one online?!


happy birthday hun!!


amanda mehlhoff

happy belated, sweetpea!

hope you had a wonderfully awesome and amazing day! also, thanks for your sweet comments about our wedding photos on thoughtful day! i cannot WAIT to see how your pictures turn out on y’alls big day in june! xoxo

Sweet n' Flour

yes, lillyella, just follow the links to purchase online!

and thank you so much everyone for the birthday wishes 🙂


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