Fashion Finds: Starry Night


1.  This slouchy dolman-sleeve tunic is the perfect casual-meets-cool piece.  Tunic by ZOO, $22 from Yes Style.

2.  This comfy tee features a flock of birds filled with a starry sky design.  T-shirt from Urban Outfitters, $24.

3.  Sparkling constellation bangles come in all the signs of the zodiac – the perfect gift!  Virgo Zodiac cuff by Jessica Kagan Cushman, $85 from Vivre.

4.  This soft lavender sweater features unexpected star details on the back.  Sweater from Topshop, $65.

5.  A sheer printed scarf adds an ethereal touch to any outfit.  Scarf from Armani Exchange, $38.

6.  You will light up the night in this flirty black and white number.  Dress by Max C. London, $28.90 from ASOS.

7.  Star-studded flats add some twinkle to your toes.  Shoes by Woorisin, $52 from Yes Style.


Lesley of 315thomas

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So adorable! Perfect for the holidays.


I Absolutely realize what your position in this matter is. Even though I might disagree on a few of the smaller details, I suppose you did an astounding job explaining it. Certainly beats needing to research it on my own. Appreciate it.

Arianna Jatho
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