Faux Kiss Whimsical Art Prints

Jean Cody offers an incredible selection of delicate and beautiful vintage-style art prints in her Etsy shop, Faux Kiss. She has a wide variety of work to choose from, this vintage whaling scene exemplifies warm vintage patina of her work. Her delicate prints are beautiful and affordable additions to your home.

Please check out the Faux Kiss Etsy shop, see if a piece speaks to you!

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That’s great Becca. So glad you found Faux Kiss. Her pieces are quite affordable, aren’t they?


These prints spoke directly to me and I bought two! I’m ecstatic because when I love original art this much it’s usually beyond my budget. Thanks for sharing this wonderful find.


Ohhh I have a definite love for this style of art. I’ll be “favoriting” this shop on etsy right away! thank you!

Carissa/The Little Plum

Woopee! So honored to be here in Papernstitch’s fabulous blog!! Many thanks 😀 ~ jean

jean cody

I love the way these look. 🙂

Lindsay Jewell

i’ve always loved this idea of the images on the pages covered in words – it brings together two of my loves – mono-chromaticism and and text!

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