Feminine Interiors

You don’t have to cover your walls in pink or bring in floral prints from floor to ceiling to create a feminine feeling throughout your home. Who would want to do that anyway?

The trick to creating an effortless feminine look, similar to the interiors here, is to infuse small bits here and there, while keeping the rest of the room a little more simplistic. It will make the space feel inviting, not overwhelming.

Image credit: Dreamy Romance via Cherry Blossom ; Simple Bedroom via Nice Room; Feinedinge Space via Decor8; Light and Airy Bedroom via VTwonen; Hidden Office via Martha Stewart; Living Room via Lonny

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“Effortless Feminine” is exactly the look I try and go for. All of these are beautiful with out feeling over worked. I really love the lacework bedspread, so very lovely.


Elizabeth- The lace bedspread is my favorite interior in this roundup. Its so pretty!


I am so in love with the trunk office! It’s color scheme makes it look like a giant barbie case. I want!

Megan Leone

Oh my goodness Megan. You are so right- that hidden office totally looks like a barbie case. Good call!


I was thinking the same thing, a Barbie case ^^
Love that hanging lamp on the upper right with some pops of color! Feminine isn’t exactly my style but I wouldn’t mind that room at all.

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