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This contributor post was written by Tiffany Han.

When talking about making your mark in the online creative world, everyone points to one main source: original content.

But how are we supposed to come up with original content when we spend our time reading each other’s blogs, commenting on facebook, and being generally inundated by everyone else’s stellar original content? We aren’t.

I’ve been noticing lots of sameness out there recently. Yes, there are trends. And trends exist for a reason. BUT that doesn’t mean that tossing in a wild card won’t make you stand out a bit more. Or a lot more.

{Disclaimer: When thinking about standing out and being different, fear often comes up. Fear of being different, of not blending. That’s okay. You don’t have to give in to that fear. Really. You don’t have to.}

You never know where you will find inspiration. BUT, if your goal is to stand out and take risks and be different (read: noticeable), staying online to get inspired will only make you blend in to what everyone else is doing.

Today’s challenge: Go outside. Get dressed for whatever weather is out there and take a 20 minute walk. What do you notice? Patterns? Colors? Birds? Inspiration perhaps?

Now, take that inspiration and DO SOMETHING INTERESTING with it. Take a risk! (Hint: it’s okay! You’ll be fine.)

Then, report back here. I’d love to see what you create.

In the comments: what are your favorite (offline) sources of inspiration? How do you get yourself off the computer and out into the world?

Tiffany Han, CPCC is a life & business coach for highly-creative people who arent living the highly-creative lives they want. Just yet. With provocative questions & hard-edged encouragement, Tiffany helps skittish someday-ers become fiercely focused creators “” and proves that dreams do come true. But only when you demand it.

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Paper&Stitch is challenging you to find inspiration elsewhere:

IndieMade (@IndieMade)

Step outside, take a risk and find inspiration in new places. {via @papernstitch}

UncommonGoods (@UncommonGoods)

I love this post and ironically just wrote something similar as I had hit a wall – a creative version of writers block – and realized that a lot of it had to do with how much time I was spending on the computer. Watching my daughter create her own crafts really helped to put things into perspective.


Haha, thanks for the tip. I go outside now 🙂


Finding inspiration elsewhere… via @sharethis


Oh, that’s a good one Janika. I love people watching.


My favorite source of inspiration is streets. Look at people, places and get inspired.


janika R

RT @papernstitch: “When thinking about standing out and being different, fear often comes up.” Read more from @thetiffanyhan here


Great post on finding inspiration RT @papernstitch Read more from @thetiffanyhan hereâ€

Elena (@randomly_happy)

I feel ya on that one Lizzie. I always have a very long list of to dos (and excuses) to keep me in front of my computer. But once I finally do step away, I am reminded how great it is to be outside around other people. Even if it’s only for a few minutes. Hope you’ll take our challenge and report back.


“When thinking about standing out and being different, fear often comes up.” Read more from @thetiffanyhan here

Brittni Mehlhoff (@papernstitch)

Wow, you are so right! It’s so easy to get into the computer rut and even harder to drag yourself away sometimes!


Very cool Van. Thanks for sharing the link.


I’ve been really into doing this as much as possible lately, not just for the much needed creativity boost and the clean slate you have when you return to the computer, but for exercise, too.

One such long walk inspired this post on fun, unconventional gardens in my area:

Among other posts inspired by walks and getting out there 🙂


Brilliant! 🙂


Thanks sooo much!!!


I just wanted to toss in my two cents because I wholeheartedly believe that stepping away from the computer is a necessary part of the creative process. It is easy to become completely consumed in internet land and often more and more difficult to pull away. But it is a MUST. It helps to clear your mind and decompress. I love this challenge and I’m looking forward to seeing who else takes us up on this one.


My kids do a pretty good job at making sure i get outside! Just going to nice parks gives lots of inspiration!!


Finding inspiration elsewhere…: This contributor post was written by Tiffany Han. When…

Brittni Mehlhoff (@papernstitch)
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