Five Free + Low-Cost Wall Art Alternatives

A couple of months ago, I began writing design and style posts weekly over on the Zibbet blog, as some of you may know. And yesterday, I wrote about wall art alternatives, and I thought it would be a good fit for papernstitch too. So, I am re-posting my Zibbet article from this week over here as well…

As you may have guessed from some of my previous posts on Zibbet, I am all for bringing artwork into a home. In the past, weve talked about how virtually anyone on any budget can purchase artwork, whether we are dealing with prints or originals. But what about those who can barely afford to pay for groceries, let alone spruce up their one bedroom apartment with colorful works of art?

Well, this post is for you because today we are talking about wall art alternatives that cost little to no money what so ever. How is that possible?

Its easier than you might think. It just takes a little imagination and a dose of creativity. What if I told you that you might already have everything you need to create a colorful focal point in your home without every reaching into your wallet?

Do you have a stack of magazines lying around, fabric scraps, old postcards that youve been sent in the mail, mom and dads old vinyl records (with sleeves), or some worn out books youve been meaning to donate to Goodwill? Well then, you do already have everything you need to create the perfect art wall.

1. Cruise through those design and style magazines one last time, and pull out any pages you find interesting or beautiful. Look for great imagery, beautiful compositions, and fun colors.

2. Postcards can be used the same way. Look through that mail youve been saving, or purchase new postcards for next to nothing. Many of your favorite artists offer very low cost postcards in their shops as well, so check “˜em out if you are looking for something specific.

Frame them up and they are ready to hang. Or skip the frame and pin the pages straight to your wall for an easy look that can constantly change and evolve. Or even better, hang your magazine pages and postcards on a clothesline that is attached to the wall like the example above.

3. Stretch fabric scraps over stretcher bars and secure with a staple gun to create larger wall pieces like the one. It can really bring a lot of impact to an empty wall.

4. Dust off those old album sleeves and hang them in a grid pattern for a uniform, but funky look. Choose your favorite covers, or simply your favorite artists to display.

5. And finally, if your willing to ruin a book, which I realize some are not, then rip out the pages and secure them to the wall for a focal point that is absent of color. This idea would be perfect for a wall that is painted a bright or deep color. The cream pages from the book neutralize the color behind it a bit.

What wall art alternatives would you suggest?


Image Credit: Faith Will CarryInspiration WallPepper DesignHouse to Home Album ArtCountry Living Green Crafts

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What a great post! Design on a dime, literally.

Katie Stephenson

Thanks Katie. 🙂


I love every single idea. Awesome!


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