psfeathers1. Cashmere Feather Earrings from Adventures of Jr 2. Feather Rubber Stamp from Nora Jane 3. Feather Necklace from Samantha Rose 4. Owl Print from Sharon Montrose 5. Naked Peacock Feathers Vase from Bailey Doesn’t Bark

It’s all about feather’s today. And I am really loving this roundup. What I love most about using feathers as accents in your home and wardrobe is that they are so versatile. Dress it up, dress it down. Centerpiece or neutral backdrop.

The two jewelry pieces above are my top picks! The earrings, especially are so playful and fun. Love them!

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Love the picks!


I’m loving all things bird-related at the moment, so this is yet more inspiration for my little brain to take in! Love the necklace in particular!


That peacock vase is beautiful! What a nice little collection!


what a beautiful micro collection, Brittni! :~)
love RJ’s illustrated peacock feather vase!

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