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Instead of a list of weekend links for today’s wrap up, I thought I’d post just one.

You See, I See

Anytime I see a collaboration project, I take note. And I especially love this one because it includes two talented photographers that I know: Laura and Tali. The You See, I See project features two photos per week on one subject (a new subject each week). One photo from Tali and one photo from Laura. As you can see, even though the subjects they are shooting are the same, the results are very different. It’s fun seeing each girl’s individual interpretation of a simple word or phrase.

Both of these lovely ladies belong to fPoe (female photographers of etsy), Miss Match (which is another beautiful collaboration project from fPoe members), and both are currently exhibiting on (Laura’s pns shop + Tali’s pns shop).

To learn more about the You See, I see project, click here.

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how did I miss this post?? Thank you Brittni for posting about our little project. I am so glad to see that you and others are liking what we’re doing there 🙂

Tali Schiffer

my pleasure laura


thanks for sharing our project with the world … is wonderful to see others enjoying it as much as we do.

laura Evans

So glad you all like this project. I am big fan.

Brittni: papernstitch

Lovely article Brittni


Both artists are fantastic so that all that talent is featured in one lovely place is just wonderful! 🙂


Such a great post! I love this blog. Thank you Brittni!

Julia Romeiß
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