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I know this isn’t a wedding blog by any stretch of the imagination, but when I found these centerpieces on Once Wed I just had to share.  The handpicked flowers and herbs, along with a mismatched array of vintage mason jars and bottles, give off a delightfully rare “not trying too hard” effect.once-wed-centerpieces-6409-2

As a recently engaged blog-addict, you can imagine how much of my day is spent hungrily browsing the Internet for inspiration and lovey-dovey imagery.  Since I am more anti-bride than bridezilla, and not too concerned with the standard bridal fuss, these simple overgrown centerpieces very much appeal to my desire for a less traditional celebration.


They’d also be lovely for a simple garden party, don’t you think?


Happy weekend!


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Love this wedding. My wedding is not even scheduled, I’m just thinking, but LOVE these details. You can’t let stuff like this slip away into the ether.

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