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Kaleidoscope from


Just found the work of on Darling Dexter, and I am in love. Where can I get a kaleidoscope like that? And why didn’t I know about this work before?


This is going to have be it for me today. I have been on medication all week after a trip to the ER and unfortunately this is all I can muster up today. I hope to be back to normal for tomorrow’s post. Have a great Thursday everyone!

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I love it. Thanks for sharing this beautiful find. And get well soon!


my mom says when i was little one of my fav toys was a kaliedoscope


Dallas Shaw

Gorgeous photo! My parents have a really old glass kaleidoscope like this and I always used to play with it. Over and over, the possibilities are endless.

The ER?? I hope you’re feeling better. Lots of rest and such.

Brittany Noel

Awh. Yay! I’m glad you’re a fan of that photo! Jackie and I are just poor girls that hang out in thrift stores a lot, and she was fortunate enough to catch that as it came in from a new shipment.

I wish I could find one like that, too!

Thanks for posting this! I’m flattered. =)


You are so lucky to have found that beauty at a thrift store! Why can’t I have that luck? Again, gorgeous photograph!

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