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The sun has finally decided to show her face in New Jersey, and I’ve been taking deep sunny breaths and trying to soak up every last ray, just in case the skies open up for another weeks-long deluge.  This weather is unnaturally warm and humidity-free and a perfect excuse for a dinner party or two.  There’s something wonderful about outdoor dining, and for some reason I don’t think people take advantage of it as much as they should (or maybe it’s just me?).  When I spent time in Spain last year, the outdoor cafes swarmed with people regardless of the time of day or the elements… whether there was a chill in the air or a damp drizzle, everyone kept smiling, sipping their cava and nibbling chorizo…


I found this sweet and simple idea on housemartin and am completely smitten.  A few florals dangling over your table while the sun streams through the trees?  Perfection.  Doesn’t it make the most ethereal centerpiece?  Bonus:  it doesn’t take up room on the table itself and won’t impede conversation with your guests.


For more details (aka wire hanger + ribbons + paperclips) visit the crafty maven behind the idea on Sweet Paul.  




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This photo is so stunning! Just so sweet!

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