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Seeing these photos on Design Dig really put a smile on my face this morning.  I am completely in love with Eric Hanson’s Reminder project (and the fact that his Web site is called “Recovering Lazyholic”).


I think we’d all be better off if we had colorful reminders like these scattered around our homes.  Much more effective than a Post-It, don’t you think?

Hope you take a minute to remember what’s important this weekend!



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What a great find Kathryn. After flipping through Eric’s site, I thought many of the images would be great turned into prints…especially the Go Outside image, Do the Dishes, and Call Your Folks. I’d definitely consider buying them.


I agree with Brittni! I’d also buy ‘eat more fiber’ – thought that was great placement. Gives me some ideas for my son….maybe ‘put toys away’ or ‘take a bath.’

alexandra keller
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