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tents inside

It Rained so We Camped Inside, 2002 by Tim Walker

Oopsies.  Posting a tad bit late today.  Apologies!  The whole job thing really ruins everything sometimes, don’t you think?

Anyway, I hope you’ll forgive me, because I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS PIECE.  Seriously.  I saw it on 20×200 and have clicked back to stare at it approximately twenty times. 

There are sky-high bookshelves.  There are softly illuminated tents.  I mean really, what else do you need?

Happy Tuesday,


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I love this photo, too. It brings back alot of memories!


oh my goodness Kathryn! i have been on a camp-inspired mood lately and this is just wonderful.


This is TOO cool! I love it. I think I might plan some camping inside…this week


This is FABULOUS!! Reminds me of reading via flashlight, under the shelter of sheet forts! Ah, memories. ;o}


sigh. I’ve always wanted a magnificent library like that. If I had one, I would certainly camp in it – naturally! 🙂


i’ve got my stuff packed in my backpack, and i’m on my way. i’ve remembered to bring scary stories and my guitar


This photograph was featured in a Martin + Osa ad a year or two ago. I loved it and framed it for my room! It exudes coziness. Sigh.

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