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schubLaden creates new furniture using old unmated drawers.  And I’m kind of smitten.


Honestly, these are a wee bit out there for me… I’m usually into predominantly white furnishings with clean, simple lines…


But something about these pieces caught my eye when I was browsing the SCOOP.  They’re just so different, and would really make a great statement in any room.



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these are beautiful pieces! what a fantastic idea!

[email protected]

these are gorgeous. and i just love this idea of mixing old drawers with new materials!


Amazing! I’ve just mood and I would love one of those in my home!


That’s funny, I live just around the block from the shop in Berlin. They truly have some beautiful pieces, but they are a little bit out of reach in financial terms…


I love the idea of mixing and matching drawers! So creative.

Amanda Nicole

kristin how funny! how FAR out of reach exactly? haha. and i’m sure shipping to the US wouldn’t help matters…

glad you all love them as much as i do! thanks for all of your sweet comments


these are fantastic! so good looking and functional 🙂


These are fantastic. Yay! I’m going up to Berlin next weekend for a friend’s bachelorette party. I’m definitely going to check this shop out.


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