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OK.  So this whole “Found On” column is becoming a problem.  In fact, it’s just flat out BAD.  Because basically it demands that I hunt around for the blogosphere for the most wonderful products and artwork and home decor and NOW I WANT IT ALL.  It’s just not good.  You can’t possibly imagine the length of my “Things I Need to Buy” list.  It’s becoming rather embarrassing. 

But alas.  Someone’s gotta do it.


I’ll keep it brief in saying that I love love love this handmade porcelain by Samantha Robinson.  I spotted the goods on simplesong and immediately darted over to the Web site to figure out how I could order some of the tea and coffee cups for myself.   Just looking at them makes me happy.  There’s a lot to be said for finding unique, handmade products to spruce up your home, rather than sticking to the big box store standards.


Happy shopping,


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Gorgeous! And the photos are fantastic!


Oh man, I’m glad there’s no ordering available on her site yet because I would have killed my bank account on these!


Believe me, Kathryn, I feel the same way! I have quite a soft spot for cool cups and I love these.


I love these!! I’ll be watching the website, anxiously awaiting that order form!

Nicole M.

These are so gorgeous~I am fond of the red ones especially. These would make sweet little vases~thanks for sharing these:)


Definitely must-haves. Sigh.

Amanda Nicole

Too bad there isn’t an online shop! I would have ordered some in a second!


Those are awesome — and I agree with Christine: they’d make great vases!


Really, really love these.


Oh dear, I understand. Too lovely to pass up.

Lori Portka

Oh I totally love them!!! And the vase idea would be really pretty, I’m bookmarking them!

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